Welcome to the research hub of Mg. sc. comp. Kirils Solovjovs!

I am an IT security expert and lead researcher at 1st Ltd. My areas of expertise include network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering, penetration testing, security incident investigation, and the legal dimension of cyber security and cyber defence. My passion is contributing to improving security of both national and international information systems by taking part in the responsible disclosure process.

Looking for 2003-2013 archive on Skype protocol research and analysis?

You are invited to take a look at my public research, presentations and talks. Page last updated 15APR2017.

SubjectDateTitle and language (mouse-over for abstract)Event (country)
SECURITY 30JUN Flag of lv The digital age. Will you be able to safeguard your data? Sarunu festivāls "Lampa" Flag of lv coming soon
CRYPTO 30MAY Flag of en How they SHAttered Latvian eID CERT-EE Symposium 2017 Flag of ee
SECURITY 06APR Flag of lv Social networks — an attack vector Esi drošs Flag of lv slides video more
NET 28MAR Flag of lv Internet of Things: risks, tips, future Digital Security Day Flag of lv slides video more
SECURITY 20FEB Flag of lv Operation "Hackers' Wonders" "Aizliegtais paņēmiens" Flag of lv video
WEB 30DEC Flag of en A visual story about JavaScript 33C3 "Works for me" Flag of de slides video
NET 28DEC Flag of en SIPSA anonymization protocol 33C3 "Works for me" Flag of de slides
NET 27DEC Flag of en Network concepts introduction & wireshark workshop 33C3 "Works for me" Flag of de slides
NET 15OCT Flag of en The theory behind SIPSA anonymization protocol Joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days Flag of lv slides
RDP, VULN 06OCT Flag of en Responsible disclosure process – vulnerabilities of IP security cameras ISACA/CERT.LV "Kiberšahs 2016" Flag of lv slides video more
SECURITY 01OCT Flag of en Security audit process of a WordPress instance WordCamp Riga Flag of lv slides coming (2018)
NET 09SEP Flag of en SIPSA — One step closer to real anonymity on the internet BalCCon2k16 Flag of rs slides video more
SECURITY 01SEP Flag of lv History and contemporary challenges of IT security research slides
RDP 31MAY Flag of en Responsibly fixing cross-border hardware vulnerabilities CERT-EE Symposium 2016 Flag of ee slides
RDP, POLICY 11OCT Flag of lv Responsible vulnerability disclosure policy: steps for initial engagement of the target audiences paper
POLICY 28JUL Flag of lv Regulation No 442 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia "Procedures for ensuring information and communication technology system compliance to the minimal security requirements" Flag of lv paper
POLICY 29APR Flag of lv Amendments to the Law On the Security of Information Technologies: safer environment and additional requirements Esi drošs-2 Flag of lv slides
POLICY 16OCT Flag of lv Security challenges of Latvian ICT during the EU presidency ISACA/CERT.LV Flag of lv slides video
VULN 02OCT Flag of lv Security problem in "Rīgas Satiksme" ticketing system "E-talons" on demand more
TLS 22APR Flag of lv TLS and Heartbleed IT drošības specseminārs Flag of lv slides
VULN 16APR Flag of lv Vulnerabilities of e-maks.lv on demand more
RFID 18FEB Flag of lv RFID IT drošības specseminārs Flag of lv slides
LINUX 25JAN Flag of en ddwrt-nvram-tool more
VULN 13NOV Flag of lv Deficiency in the Invalid Document Register on demand more
VULN 04NOV Flag of lv Interesting "function" within Swedbank mobile app on demand more
VULN 23OCT Flag of lv The practical side of IT security in Latvia ISACA/CERT.LV Flag of lv slides video
GSM 08AUG Flag of lv Security of mobile phone communications CERT.LV Drošības ekspertu grupa Flag of lv slides
SECURITY 08AUG Flag of lv Analysis of Magneto malware incident CERT.LV Drošības ekspertu grupa Flag of lv slides
POLICY 06AUG Flag of lv E-governance. Security. Thought experiments. LU un LMT Datorzinātņu dienas Flag of lv slides video
NET 08APR Flag of lv Attacking wireless network clients using MITM slides
NET 08APR Flag of lv Technologies of the internet slides
NET 13JAN Flag of en webservertools more
MAGSTRIPE 05JAN Flag of en libMSRx05 more
RFID 05JAN Flag of en libCRx0x more
SECURITY 10AUG Flag of lv Security on the internet LU un LMT Datorzinātņu dienas Flag of lv slides
VOIP 01JUN Flag of lv Improvement of jitter-buffer management algorithm for time-critical traffic paper slides
LEGAL 29DEC Flag of en Skype's Bag of Legal Tricks 27C3 "We come in peace" Flag of de slides video
GSM, AI 11JUN Flag of lv SMS system "sms.id.lv" paper slides
AI 19JUN Flag of lv Visualisation of action plans paper slides
NET 12JUN Flag of lv Modernisation of the computer network at Riga State Gymnasium No. 1 on demand slides
CRYPTO 13DEC Flag of en Description of SASH-1280 paper
LINUX 19APR Flag of lv Linux command line interface – the console paper