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  1. Skype protocol research and analysis
  2. Linux komandrindas saskarne - konsole
    Command Line Interface (CLI) is one of the methods of communication with the computer. This guide is intented for people without any knowledge about the subject.
  3. Description of SASH-1280
    SASH-1280 (Sane Algorithm for Secure Hashing) is a 1280-bit hash that is based on SHA and should provide 640 bits of security against collision attacks. With 64-bit CPUs coming into the market and processing powers rising, the hash computation time may be raised. SASH-1280 uses 10, instead of 8, registers and a more sophisticated compression function, therefore takes longer to compute. That provides more security when confronted with a brute-force attack.
some more work has been completed since 2006. to be published in 2013!

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